Howard U. "Chuck" Gant, Jr.

United States Air Force

June 28, 1966
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Honorably discharged
April 27, 1970

Sgt. E-4

National Defense Medal
Small Arms Expert Ribbon
Minute Man Missile Pin

Hometown: Glassboro, NJ 08028

United States Air Force
Military Assignments:


Lackland AFB
San Antonio, Texas 78236

Basic Training
June 28, 1966 to August 14, 1966

Lackland Air Force Base was created from a section of Kelly Field in 1942. The facility provides basic military training for Air Force recruits. I received Airmen 3rd. class upon completion.


Sheppard AFB
Wichita Falls, Texas

Military Technical School
Aug. 15, 1966 to Oct. 18, 1966
Course of Study MOS – 54230 – Electrician Apprentice.

This facility provides technical courses of study for Air Force personnel. I received electrical training – Course 54230 - The apprentice electrician course. For twelve weeks - eight hours a day and five days a week, I attended classroom study and successfully completed my technical training at Sheppard Air Force Base. I qualify for Airmen 2nd class upon graduation. I needed several months time in grade to qualify for Airmen 2nd class. I also received my first duty assignment upon graduation.


Barksdale AFB
Shreveport, LA.

Strategic Air Command
Oct. 1966 to Feb. 1968

2nd Civil Engineering Squadron

I was assigned to the 2nd Civil Engineering squadron as an apprentice electrician. Our electrical shop had about twenty men assigned to it; six were civilian and the rest were military personnel ranging in rank from Airman 3rd. class to Sergeant. I completed daily electrical assignments for repair and new installations in military office buildings, aircraft hangers, flight line lighting and grounding, and base housing for military personnel.
I received two promotions at this assignment. Airmen 2nd class and, after completing a correspondence course and successfully passing a technical test, I received a promotion to Sergeant in December of 1967.


Minot AFB
North Dakota

455th Missile Wing LGM-30
Minuteman Missile Launch Sites
February 1968


In June 1968 missile squadrons were renamed:

91st Missile Wing LGM-30
Minuteman Missile Launch Sites


There were about 150 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) at Minot. In 1962 and 1963 - these missiles were deployed to silos in the country side around Minot AFB and controlled by 15 squadrons of the 455th in North Dakota. The Minute Man missiles were arranged in groups of 10, with each group listed as Alpha – Bravo – Charlie -to Oscar squadrons. On 25 June 1968 the 455th was renamed the 91st Missile Wing and reassigned to Minot AFB. The 91st Missile Wing in North Dakota was responsible for maintenance and 180 and 360 day inspections of each missile.

I was assigned to the Personal Access Group. We had three Missile Mechanics and three Missile Electricians in our shop. Our group was responsible for the equipment that supplied access to the missile silos and the inner security of each site.
Between July 1968 and December 1971 the Minuteman I ICBMs were replaced with the LGM-30G Minuteman III. Basically the missiles were up graded from a single war head to three war heads.

All of the 91st Minuteman III missiles were reduced from three warheads to a single warhead by START I between 1991-2001. The missile squadrons are still commanded by the 91st Operations Group.


The Missile Alert Facility (MAF) consists of a buried and hardened Launch Control Facility (LCC) and an above-ground Launch Control Support Building (LCSB). MAFs were formerly known as Launch Control Facilities (LCFs) but terminology was changed in 1992 with the inactivation of Strategic Air Command (SAC). In addition, a MAF has a landing pad for helicopters; a large radio tower; a large "top hat" HF antenna; a vehicle garage for security vehicles; recreational facilities, and one or two sewage lagoons.

Chuck Gant and Reverend George Franklin.
Post 241 delegates to the American Legion Convention in 2012.

Chuck Gant:
Great Groundhog Trapper

Commander Chuck Gant recently came to the aid of a friend
and a family of groundhogs!

Chuck trapped and relocated a group of groundhogs from a friend's residence in Vineland, relocating the landscape destroying groundhogs to a safer environment in the woods of South Jersey.